Puraclenz Air & Surface Purifiers
Professional-grade air purifiers.

Puraclenz proactively cleans the air and exposed surfaces in fitness centers, senior residences, hotels, schools, restaurants, churches, and other indoor spaces. All units are compact and lightweight - 11” high, 5.1” deep, and under 3 pounds.

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Reduces Odors.

Effective against lingering odors caused by mold, smoke and bacteria. Puraclenz proactively reduces odors from the air and difficult-to-reach surfaces such as walls, furniture and fabrics.

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Lowest cost professional grade system.

Lowest installed and 4-year total operation cost including electricity, replacement parts and purifier. Puraclenz Purifiers have a low carbon footprint with only 15W or less energy consumption.

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    Cleaner Air Has Never Been Simpler, More Effective, or More Affordable.

    Quick setup

    Just plug it in. No expensive installation required. Cleaning starts the second you turn it on.

    Low maintenance

    Automatically cleans air and surfaces 24/7. Fast & simple to change maintenance parts – no mechanical skills needed.

    Easy to scale

    Expandable purification system for small spaces, large rooms & anything in between.

    Leasing options available

    Start purifying your space even quicker and just pay as you go.

    What Our Customers Have to Say.

    "Breathing was hard. The coughing non-stop. The mold from water damage was growing and contaminating the air. In less than 2 hours after plugging in our unit, breathing became easier. Like a breath of fresh air, Puraclenz worked! Puraclenz is hands down, the best investment for ensuring a healthy environment."

    Anita Karande, Molly's Cupcakes

    “Bobby Valentines Sports Academy has chosen Puraclenz P3000 air purifier to clean the indoor air and physical surfaces in our public areas, so that we can provide a safer and healthier environment for the benefit of our customers and staff.”

    Frank Ramppen, Managing Partner of Bobby Valentines Sports Academy

    “No matter how long this pandemic lasts I wanted to be sure I did whatever I couldto protect the healthof my customers and employees, that’s why I installed Puraclenz in all my locations and executive offices.”

    Mark Curtis, CEO of Splash Car Wash

    “One Puraclenz P3000 completely removed moldy smell in my 8,000 sq ft warehouse in less than 12 hours. I still keep it running 24/7 to keep the mold from growing back. Plus it saved me a lot of money by not having to pay for mold remediation services.”

    Rich Thompson, Founder and Director of People First, LLC

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