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Puraclenz cleans indoor air and exposed surfaces at the source. Our certified ozone free PCO technology is designed to continuously deactivate dangerous pathogens including viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold spores and more. Unlike other air purifiers, Puraclenz does not require air passing through the device to eliminate odors.

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Proven to reduce
Mold and Bacteria
that cause lingering odors.

Destroy Musty Odors Caused by Mold

Independent studies confirm that Puraclenz dynamically destroys mold spores mid-air and on exposed surfaces, continuously cleaning throughout a typical indoor space 24/7. Puraclenz reduces musty odors by stopping mold growth.

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Treat Bodily Smells from Bacteria

Laboratory studies show that Puraclenz is over 99% effective at reducing dangerous bacteria in the air including those that cause obnoxious odors like smelly clothes, sweaty workout gear and equipment. Puraclenz also deactivates bacteria from exposed surfaces in tough-to-reach places.

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Certified safe to stay in the space.

Ozone generators require people and pets to leave the space during treatment. Unlike ozone generators and many other ionic purifiers, Puraclenz is zero ozone certified and proven by independent laboratory tests to not create VOC byproducts including formaldehyde and ultrafine particles. It’s safe to use continuously around people and animals.

Zero Ozone CertificateNo VOC Byproducts Test Report

"I have recently opened a new cigar lounge in Atlanta, Georgia, I’ve been using two Puraclenz 1500’s in my cigar lounge for about two months now. When I open up in the evenings the smell of smoke has definitely decreased, also I love the fact that Puraclenz keeps my customers and staff safe. I would definitely recommend it for your business or home."

Monica Coleman, Stanley's Cigar Lounge


    Prices begin at $339.99

    Coverage for spaces from 750 - 3,000 sq ft


    Regular price$599.99

    Coverage for spaces up to 1,575 sq ft

    Destroys odors you can't reach.

    Scientifically proven to deactivate mold spores mid-air and on exposed surfaces.

    Automatically reduces lingering odors 24/7.

    Automatically cleans air and surfaces continuously. It is certified safe to stay in the space.

    Expansive coverage.

    Each purifier cleans 750, 1500 or 3000 sq ft of home or work space.

    Quick setup.

    Just plug it in. No expensive installation required. Cleaning starts the second you turn it on.

    “One Puraclenz P3000 completely removed moldy smell in my 8,000 sq ft warehouse in less than 12 hours. I still keep it running 24/7 to keep the mold from growing back. Plus it saved me a lot of money by not having to pay for mold remediation services.”

    Rich Thompson, Founder and Director of People First, LLC

    More than just an Air Purifier.

    Conventional air purifiers filter pollutants through air circulation. Puraclenz is different. Puraclenz uses an evolved form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) originally used in the International Space Station to provide clean air for astronauts.

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