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Coverage for spaces up to 1,575 sq ft

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Stops Mold Growth

Destroys Viruses

Combats Fungal Allergens

Reduces Lingering Odors

Filters Dust & Lint

Filters Pet Dander and Pollen

Traps VOCs, Smoke and Odors

Measures Indoor Air Quality (PM 2.5)

Technology Used


Activated Carbon
UV-C Germicidal

Replacement Parts

Recharge Cell

Core Filter
Recharge Cell
UV-C Lamp


11.25 in H
5.1 in W
2.65 lbs

27.5 in H
12.1 in W
20 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the difference between Photon and Core?

Photon purifies air and exposed surfaces using our patented, ozone-free PCO process. Photon uses a compact and lightweight design that can be placed on a table and mounted on a wall or ceiling. Photon does not require regular HEPA filter replacement.

Core also uses PCO purification, but adds True HEPA, activated carbon and UV-C germicidal technologies that remove the widest range of pollutants. Core’s HEPA filters should be replaced every 6 months or sooner.

Why does Core cost more?

Core uses 5-stage air and surface purification to remove the widest range of pollutants.

1. Patented PCO Purification produces ions that proactively destroy mold spores, viruses and bacteria mid-air and on surfaces.

2. The Pre-Filter screens out large pet hair and dust particles.

3. True HEPA Filter with H13 rating traps 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, allergens, bacteria and mold down to 0.1 micron size particles.

4. Activated Carbon Filter absorbs odors, Volatile Organic Compounds and mycotoxins.

5. Germicidal UV-C Lamp destroys bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins and other pathogens that pass through or get trapped in the filter.

Is it safe to sleep in the same room as Puraclenz purifiers?

The air that leaves our purifiers is safe to breathe because our purifiers are certified ozone-free and do not produce VOC by-products or ultrafine particles.

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