Deodorizes and Purifies.

Effective against lingering odors
caused by mold, smoke and bacteria.
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Reduces Bacteria and Mold Spores that cause lingering odors.

Destroys Musty Odors Caused by Mold

Independent studies confirm that Puraclenz dynamically destroys mold spores mid-air and on exposed surfaces, continuously cleaning throughout a typical indoor space 24/7. Puraclenz reduces musty odors by stopping mold growth.

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Treat Bodily Smells from Bacteria.

Laboratory studies show that Puraclenz is over 99% effective at reducing dangerous bacteria in the air including those that cause obnoxious odors like smelly clothes, sweaty workout gear and equipment. Puraclenz also deactivates bacteria from exposed surfaces in tough-to-reach places.

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    Prices begin at $339.99

    Coverage for spaces from 750 - 3,000 sq ft


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    Coverage for spaces up to 1,575 sq ft

    Scientifically Proven Technology.

    Puraclenz products use an evolved form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) previously used to provide clean air for astronauts in the International Space Station. Our science-backed technology is proven by third party laboratory tests.

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