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The Puraclenz team is working together on something that has never been done before. We are focused on how our technology can improve indoor air quality so people can live healthier lives. We are motivated by the stories we hear from customers about how they have been helped by our first generation product. We are taking laboratory science and turning it into products that can help people in the real world.

Our values form an environment where team members can bring their best self to work and feel appreciated in the process. Each Puraclenz team member is driven by the same core values:

We care about the work we do, the products we develop, and the technology we explore. We’re passionate about making indoor environments healthier to make the world a better place.

We work in a fast-paced industry. This isn’t for the faint of heart. We see every challenge as an opportunity to innovate, experiment, and overcome.

This isn’t a place for big egos. We come together to solve problems, develop cool technology, and get our products into millions of locations around the world.

Growth Mindset
We believe in empowering our people to take risks and make decisions, with the freedom to fail. We value different perspectives, new ideas. and bold thinking.


Open Positions

Account Manager

We are seeking an Account Manager to institute new techniques and strategies that will increase B2B revenue and position us as a leader in the industry. Reports directly to the CEO of the Company.

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